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Ooh gold medal for this essay! Particularly as I've been searching for a term that sums up our western society a- religious. I'll take that if I may. Go running but don't publish. When a friend talks to you about weight my therapist would advise you to ignore any statements until it becomes obvious that They are weight obsessed but say it lovingly. Oh yeah, you got me right on my soapbox. I won't reiterate what you just wrote but yes! Yes! YES!

One of the most recent damaging books on diet (so many, it's a billion $) industry, is titled something like "why French women are thin" or something like that. Strength should not be aligned to thinness. I recently moved from an area where large bodes abounded, partly because of poverty. Now I live in an area surrounded by gym junkies, where chia bowls are breakfast. My body is the largest its ever been. I'm in therapy, involved in the health at every size movement. HAES ( Australia). My therapist founded Untrapped a program to free us from diet prison. Soapbox anyone! I'm currently setting out on a path to strength that will be private and helped by exercise physiologists. Because I can be in charge. In closing I'll point out Yassmin that you know your body, what it enjoys doing. So run, shadow box, dance in your student like accommodation and enjoy your strength. Great writing. Thank you.

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